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Indemnity, Swargaloka Java Land

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It looked like a hill, 

with a pointed apex cone tub. Slope was filled with dozens of temples and shrines. Make a gift giver is nicknamed Swargaloka Java land, the home of the gods. Spot appears dim. Hung thick overcast sky. Cold winds hit the region wanawisata incessantly on the western slopes of Mount Penanggungan are empty. Checkpoint was empty because the counter attendant rather flee to the coffee shop across the street a warm rather than nodding off in the chair after him. Floated faintly Jolotundo splashing water from the pond in the middle of the park, making the silent and magical nature. The pool was actually petirtaan temple founded by King Airlangga of Kediri. Airlangga wanted to commemorate the death of his father, Udayana. The name 'Udayana' and 'gempeng' which means tomb,
carved in stone and framed in 899 Saka or around 977 AD Judging from the shape, the temple measuring 16.85 × 10.52 m2 it is a replica of Mount Indemnity. There are 8 small peaks around one large peak. The source of water constantly flowing symbolize the Airlangga Jolotundo as Vishnu, the god of life keepers. The walls are decorated with reliefs petirtaan Kakawin tells Arjuna. First, there is a statue of Vishnu there. However, disappeared somewhere.
 Petirtaan Jolotundo just one of dozens of archaeological sites are found at the foot of Mount Guarantee, Mojokerto, East Java. All this thanks to WF Stutterheim, Dutch archaeologist who first discovered the site and report back to the Dutch colonial government. Since then began the research and archaeological excavations in the mountain. No less than 81 temple sites and 50 monuments punden berundah been found. Everything comes from the 10-16 century AD
The number of temples found Indemnity position confirmed as the sacred mountain. There is a legend that says Indemnity is the incarnation Mahameru sacred mountain in India. As stated in the Book of Tantu Panggelaran, Majapahit literature.That said, Yavadvipa other Java-term-is not stable, always bobbing waves the Indian Ocean and the Java Sea. The gods in heaven decided to move Mount Mahameru-at the center of the universe-from Jambhudwipa (India) to Yavadvipa. Mahameru then stretchered together while flying in the sky. On the way, the slopes of the mountains forming Mahameru fall in Java. The heavy fall form Mount Sumeru, a mountain peak was Indemnity.
Indemnity is also known as Pawitra which means fog because the body is always shrouded in mist. Although high as 1659 m above sea level, the mountain is not easily traversed. The weather is always changing, fog and drizzle, no matter the season. But that does not deter the sages in the past to make it the center of worship. This is corroborated by the discovery of an inscription relic Sri Maharaja Rake Pu Hino Sindok at 929 M. The inscription mentions that the MPU Sindok, King Medang Kemulan, exempt from taxation Cunggrang Village (sima). Instead, residents must maintain in Pawitra Dharmasrame Trance and Trance Prasada Silungsilung, which is a sacred building (parasada) and a dormitory for the monks Pawitra. Meanwhile, King Airlangga had fled to Pawitra when his kingdom was attacked rebel forces led Wurawari the year 1016 AD He believes the enemy will not dare attacking forces in the holy Pawitra.
Rich tourism
Beautiful panorama, making Indemnity favored to sights all along. As told in stanzas Negarakertagama Kakawin 58 paragraph 1, on a trip Raja Hayamwuruk (1350-1389 AD) of Majapahit to a stunned beauty Cunggrang Pawitra. Cunggrang are monks dormitory located at the foot of Mount Penanggungan brink.
Now, many attractions are scattered at the foot of Mount Penanggungan. Besides petirtaan Jolotundo can be achieved through Tamiajeng village, there is also a hot spring in Trawas, or type environment in PPLH (Environmental Education Center) Seloliman, just below wanawisata Jolotundo. While that likes to be doing a tour of the archaeological history of the temple to temple, down the hills around the mountain.
Indemnity has a peak surrounded by four smaller peaks, namely: Gajahmungkur Peak (1084 m), Kemuncup (1238 m), Sarahklopo (1235 m), and jacks (1240 m), which describes the wind replica cosmic system. At each peak scattered historical buildings such as temples and cave monastery. The easiest way to trace these temples to climb through the village Seloliman within 13 km from the village of Tamiajeng. In Bukit jacks for example, a row can we meet Candi daughter, Rupa, Gentong, and Sinta.
The temples are generally equipped with punden terraces and altar offerings. Strands of dried flowers and decorate the rest of incense appear several altar, is proof that this place is never empty of pilgrims. At night tententu, Penanggungan always crowded with pilgrims. They are the remnants of Hindu followers of Shiva-Vishnu who still survive on the island of Java. They came from Mojokerto, Surabaya, Malang, Pasuruan, and surrounding cities. Besides visiting the temples, they also purify themselves in petirtaan Jolotundo.Water flowing from this pool comes from Mahameru body, and is believed to be amerta or eternal. By drinking and bathing in the pool of immortality, then the mind will be cleared tangled, troubled heart calmed. Similarly, if you pray at these temples. Make the body more healthy and long life. As the gods in Swargaloka.
Prone to pillaging
The temples are rich Indemnity relief ancient story. Sudhamala story (the story of Goddess Durga ruwat), Wiwaha Arjuna (Arjuna marriage with angels), Flag (a love story between the crown prince and princess Jenggala Kediri), Ramayana, as well as stories of animals dominate the brick walls and temple reliefs. Relief was also found in the thousands of shards of pottery and bricks scattered around the temple.
Quite often it changed hands to the relief bags and bags of visitors. An open place and the lack of oversight makes a lot of statues and pottery were missing, a private collection of professional visitors and collectors. Vishnu statues in petirtaan Jolotundo, for example. To reduce wild looting, the government and establish this area as a cultural heritage and protected areas in 1986. Supervision and management handed over to forestry and archaeological agencies. Unfortunately, this does not reduce the high looting. Later, not only looted antiquities, but also of wood in forest Indemnity. Illegal logging and forest encroachment in the field is actually received the blessing of the local forest officials. For example, cabbage field right in front of the Princess temple site. Due to plunder the forest is really fatal. Dozens of people were killed by the flood disaster in the thermal baths impromptu Trawas. If this continues, Swargaloka Java land will be destroyed. So instead of closeness with the Creator is obtained, but with the Death.
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