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Written By maura avel on Saturday, November 24, 2012 | 9:21:00 AM

Biting the annual tradition hamlets

villages Seloliman, Trawas, Mojokerto be Ruwat Jalatunda source, this time disemarakkan with cultural Cultural Dialogue with Taufik Rahzen (Jakarta) and archaeologist Dwi Cahyono (Malang), as well as the Village Film Festival. Patirtan temple rituals were held today Jalatunda Sunday, December 4, 2011, starting at 08:30 until finish. While the Village Film Festival was held on December 1 to 3 at night in the yard Biting Head Hamlet.
Ruwat source begins by taking water in a jug of 33 springs in the village
Biting, which will be combined with the water from the temple Patirtan amrta Jalatunda. Dozens of villagers will bring the cone and food in a procession to Jalatunda, accompanied by art Bantengan. Other arts are also presented Pencak Silat, Edge, Mark and Macapatan.
By Ali Usman, chairman of the committee Ritual Suro, the event is usually held in the first week Suro coincide with Sunday. The tradition itself is the source ruwat decades made public Biting hamlet, but only the last four years is done with vibrant, art and equipped with a dish of water uptake in 33 springs in the village Biting. And this was the first annual event was also enlivened by the Cultural Dialogue with national speakers and Rural Film Festival, held from 3 days before the summit.

Taufik Rahzen, humanists from Jakarta, as a speaker, is known as the cultural thinkers and doers who have had experience in various countries. While Dwi Cahyono is an archaeologist from the State University of Malang, is a cultural activist who is very concerned with a variety of cultural activities held the villagers. Dwi Cahyono will be talking about "water as a component of the ecology and conservation of aquatic culture review". While Taufik Rahzen will speak from the scope of the macro. This workshop will be led by moderator Henri Nurcahyo. While the village itself Film Festival is screening films on the countryside, which is done in step on the screen, starting at 19.00 to finish, starting on Thursday (1/12) to Saturday (3/12). Meanwhile, on Sunday night (4/12) Puppet show was held at the same place as the mastermind of the village Seloliman Purwanto.

To reach the location of the event, can be reached through the Surabaya-Porong-Japanan-Watukosek-Ngoro Industrial-directly to the north (turn left) towards the temple Jalatunda, Seloliman. From the direction of Mojokerto, via Kirkcaldy, directions to Ngoro, Kembangan village (before Ngoro), directly to the north (turn right) to Jalatunda. From Malang, it could take the path Pandaan-Prigen-Trawas-Seloliman, Jalatunda. Or Pandaan-Japanan-Watukosek-Ngoro-Jalatunda.
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