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Written By maura avel on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 | 6:37:00 AM

Mountains is a puppet 

shaped mountain image and its contents.In the bottom there is the picture gate guarded by two giant who holds a sword and shield. It symbolizes the palace gate, and at the time played mound used as a palace. At the top of the mountain there are trees wrapped by a dragon.
In these mountains there are also images of various forest animals. Overall picture illustrates the situation in the wild. Mountains symbolize the state of the world and its contents. Before the puppet play, Gunungan plugged in the middle of the screen, leaning slightly to the right, which means that the puppet play has not begun, like a world that has not beriwayat. Once played, Gunungan revoked, lined up on the right.
Gunungan be used also as a sign alternation drama / stage story. For that mound planted in the middle of the left-leaning. Moreover Gunungan also
used to symbolize fire or wind. In this case Gunungan reversed, on the contrary there is only a red paint, and the color is what symbolizes fire.
Mountains are also used to symbolize the jungle, and played at rampogan scene, alert soldiers with various weapons. In this case can act as a land Mountains, jungles, streets and so forth, that is to follow the dialogue of the puppeteer. After the play finished, Gunungan plugged again in the middle of the screen, symbolizing that the story was finished.
Mountains there are two kinds, namely Gunungan Gapuran and Gunungan Blumbangan. Blumbangan mountains composed by Sunan Kalijaga in Demak Kingdom era. Later in the day Kartasura composed again with Gunungan Gapuran. Mountains in terms of puppet called Kayon. Kayon derived from Kayun. Gunungan contains high philosophical doctrine, the doctrine of wisdom. All it implies that the puppet play contains a highly valuable lesson. This means that the puppet show also includes a puppet show also contains a high philosophical teachings.


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