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Potential Tuberose flower district. Rembang - Pasuruan

Written By maura avel on Sunday, November 25, 2012 | 6:42:00 AM

The farmers in the District of Rembang, Pasuruan, East Java, regularly supplying tuberose flowers to Bali.

"The tuberose flower growers in the district are routinely capable of supplying Rembang tuberose flowers to Bali many as 40,000 stems per day," said Chairman Gapoktan Tuberose Flower Rembang, Abdul Kodir. He explained that the supply for cities in East Java, such as Malang, Surabaya, to Banyuwangi, the number could be much more, up to 50,000 stems per day.While supply to Mataram and Makassar respectively 1000 and 500 stems stalks per day. Tuberose Flowers Gapoktan members in the Apex 80 people with an area of ​​352 hectares
of arable land. Apex tuberose flower production is sold at prices between Rp.600, - to Rp 1,000, - per stem depending on size and type. Most of the farmer group union members Rembang Night Flower savory tuberose flower cultivated varieties Anteng Roro has become the hallmark of tuberose Rembang Pasuruan.However, local farmers now also seek to continue its innovations to new varieties of tuberose flowers."Finally, farmers in Rembang tuberose develop new varieties, namely Dian Ambarawa Arum from Central Java. Tuberose flower varieties Dian Arum are usually grown in high and cold regions in Ambarawa, was also successfully developed in low-lying areas that Rembang Pasuruan hot, "he said.Abdul Kodir also revealed that farmers in Rembang since last three years, in addition to selling flowers, also sell flower seeds tuberose."Stock tuberose flower seeds in Rembang is available, because I and other farmers unload each year tuberose tubers that can be used as seeds between 3-4 hectares," he said.He explained that the seeds sold tuberose flower farmers in Rembang also has the certification label. "For the tuberose flower seeds farmers Rembang sold 20,000, - / kilogram," he said.
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